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Saying thank you is a way to express gratitude to someone for their help. While we often communicate online for personal and work-related matters, sending a thank you letter is still a subtle art that can leave a lasting impression and show appreciation to the recipient, especially in a professional context. Whether you have been interviewed by a recruiter, received a πŸ”—recommendation letter from a former boss, or received support for a project from a professor, there are many reasons to send thanks. It is essential to take the time to sincerely thank everyone who supports your career or business, as personalization and authenticity make the gesture more meaningful.

This post gives helpful information with tips on writing a thank you letter and offers an editable tool to help you create this letter in a formal format.

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What to Include in a Thank-You Letter

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Different from the way of saying thanks on a mobile conversation or email, a letter of thank you will start with a formal format letter as below:

Sender and Receiver’s info details

At the start of the letter, write down the name and address of the Sender and Recipient following πŸ”—the letter format.


Address the person with a proper title politely, such as “Dear First name” or “Dear Mr./Ms./Mrs. Last Name”. If you are close to the person who receives this letter, use the person’s first name in a friendly way.

Body Letter

Start with expressing your thanks and gratitude in the first sentence so the person knows the intent of your letter. Nevertheless, remember to specify why and what you are thanking the individual for. By doing this, the receiver can recall what situation you appreciate toward them. For example, if you have done an interview, it is necessary to send πŸ”—thank you letter after an interview to the recruiter and remind them why you are a good fit for this position. Additionally, If you are sending an email, do not forget to include the phrase “Thank You” in the subject line.

πŸ’‘Important Note

Personalize your thank you letter for each recipient in a specific conversation or situation. Avoid copy paste the same message to everyone. Why? They can feel insincere while your letter is so general.

Closing letter with your signature

Highlight your appreciation again in the last sentence and close the letter with a salutation such as: “Sincerely” or “Best regards”. Then you can end with a handwritten signature and your full name in type. ( only type full name if it is an email.)


After following this thank you letter format to write, proofread your letter carefully before sending it. Last but not least, keep the letter brief and send it as soon as possible to express your sincerity. For example, not sending this letter after the interview may harm your chance of getting hired.

Thank you letter examples

Our professional thank-you letter templates can help you save time and effort when writing this letter. Simply fill out our questionnaire with your information and our tool will generate a customized letter for you in a formal format. This is a convenient and efficient way to create a professional thank you letter in just a minute.

Thank you letter to a teacher

You have received a recommendation letter from your professors as you requested. It is necessary to send a thank you letter to the teacher to express your gratitude for their time. Use one of our templates below for your idea.

If you haven’t requested a letter of recommendation from your teachers, check out our πŸ”—Tips To Get A Recommendation From Professor Successfully here.

Create This Letter To Your Teacher thank you letter for teacher sample

Thank You Letter To Teacher From Parent End Of The Year

As the end of the year approaches, we often take the opportunity to express gratitude to our family and friends. However, it is essential not to forget the teachers who have significantly impacted our children’s lives. These educators spend a significant amount of time teaching and guiding our kids, helping them to develop their personalities and skills. For this reason, taking a little time to write a letter expressing appreciation to your child’s teachers is highly recommended. This small gesture can significantly show your gratitude and appreciation for their hard work and dedication.

Create Your Thank You Letter Editable template for parent for thanking to their kids's teacher

Thank you Letter To the Employer

Even after leaving the company, your former boss took the time to write you a recommendation letter as requested. It is vital to express your gratitude to them for their support. A thank you note is a simple yet meaningful way to show appreciation for their efforts in helping you advance your career.

Edit This Special Thank You Letter Former employer thank you letter example

Letter of thank You to a colleague

Sometimes, we may forget to thank our team members who work hard alongside us after completing important deadlines or projects. Sending a thank you letter to a colleague is a professional gesture and a way to strengthen relationships at work. Take the time to express your appreciation and happiness at being on the same team with them. This small action can go a long way in building stronger connections and a positive work environment.

Personalize This Thank You Letter free template letter of thank you to a colleague


We hope our article helps make your thank you letter easier. This is a beautiful gesture at work, where it helps develop your professional relationship without any cost. Therefore, if your coworkers get a promotion or an outstanding achievement, you can send a πŸ”— formal congratulations letter to share happiness with them.

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