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Working from home has become the new norm in recent years, offering benefits to both employers and employees. However, depending on a company's policy, you may be able to request to work from home and discuss the productivity of your work with your boss. If you are considering asking to work from home, this article is for you. Additionally, we offer an editable documents tool that allows you to create a request letter with templates in just a minute.

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Tips for asking to work from home

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Requesting your boss to allow you to work from home regularly can be a delicate subject. Significantly, more companies want to bring back the traditional working at the office after the pandemic. For that reason, we will give you some recommendations to do before initiating the conversation:

Think about your home office and productivity

Your boss's first concern is probably your productivity. You must ensure you have enough space to create a 🔗home office environment to telecommunicate with your coworkers through phone calls, video meetings, etc. Thus, it's helpful to consider how you plan to maintain your productivity and responsibilities to get work done well. Get a 🔗checklist to set up an efficient home office so your boss can know you are ready for remote work. You will also need to provide a strategy for keeping your employers well-reported on your work. Make these points clear in your mind in order to persuade your boss reasonably.

Try to be flexible and specific In Your Request

You can request to work from home temporarily, part-time, or permanently. It may be wise to start with partial remote work, suggesting working from home for a few days or weeks before requesting to work remotely regularly. This allows your manager to evaluate the impact on productivity and adapt to the transition. Be sure to demonstrate high productivity during this time so that you can confidently follow up with a request to work from home regularly (using one of our sample letters) after a few months. Gradually earning your boss's trust and demonstrating the effectiveness of remote work can increase your chances of getting approval to work from home permanently later.

Highlight the benefits of working Remotely

Outline the advantages of how this change can benefit your boss and the company in the long term. For example, working from home lets you stay focused and complete tasks faster. We recommend reading this article provided by to learn more🔗 benefits of working from home for employers.

Be aware of the company's culture

If your company has already implemented remote work options, discussing this with your boss may be more accessible. However, if this is a new concept for your employer and the company, you may need to spend more time convincing and presenting the benefits of working from home. It is essential to consider your boss's personality when requesting temporary, partial, or permanent remote work. If you do not have a close relationship with your boss, it may be advisable to ask for partial remote work to prove the efficiency and benefits of working from home to your employer and gain their trust first.


You can suggest to your boss that you be allowed to work from home on Tuesday and Thursday. Why these days? Because your boss and coworkers may be less likely to think you are trying to extend the weekend by working from home on these days.

Use the letter template to prepare a thoughtful request to work From Home

Lastly, we highly recommend sending a letter or an email requesting work remotely to notify your employer before conversing in person. Through the letter, you can emphasize the advantages of working from home for both the employer and employees and 🔗express your gratitude toward your manager. By doing this, your boss, who is always busy, will have time to read your message carefully, and the conversation afterward will be more comfortable. 

Editable Templates Request for work remotely

Make your writing process more accessible by using our professional request-to-work-from-home letter templates. With just a few minutes of your time, you can create a professional request letter using our document generator. This is a convenient and efficient way to create a request letter without starting from 0 or copying text. Only three simple steps:

  1. Select a template.
  2. Fill out our questionnaire with your information to generate your document.
  3. Review and download your letter in PDF.

Simple Request To Work From Home

Personalize Your Request To Work From Home Simple Request To Work Remotely

Letter Request To Work From Home Part-Time

Create Your Request To Work From Home Here Letter To Ask For Work Remotely Part-Time Editable template

Letter request for work from home due to medical reasons

Create Request For Work From Home Due To Medical Reasons Letter request for work from home due to medical reasons, editable template to save time in writing

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