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If you have asked to write a letter of recommendation for your employee but are too busy? Use our ready-to-use professional templates to help you create this letter in just a minute.

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How To Format A Recommendation Letter

Create Your Letter Of Recommendation For Employee background photo

A letter of recommendation for an employee is a document that highlights the employee's skills, abilities, and accomplishments and provides an endorsement of their job performance. This letter is a valuable tool for those who are seeking a new job or promotion and can be written by a current or former supervisor, colleague, or client. In order to write the best letter of recommendation for an employee, it is crucial to be knowledgeable about the employee's work history and achievements and to provide specific samples of how they have excelled in their role.

Before writing this letter, we suggest a few things to do:

  • Take your time to think about your specific experiences with that person.
  • Write down their characteristics and achievements.
  • Check out our example list for your outline draft and idea.

Once you have your outline ready in a word file, follow these steps to personalize your letter of recommendation for the employee:

Heading And Greeting

The heading should include your contact in detail:

  • Your Name
  • Your Contact Information
  • Company Name
  • Address, City, State Zip Code
  • Date


Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. "Name of the desired recipient." If the name of the receiver is not mentioned, you can indicate the phrase "To whom it may concern,"

The Body Of The Letter of recommendation for employee

  • Firstly, mention your relationship with the person you recommend (how long you've known them, where you met, why you think they're perfect for the available position).
  • Secondly, write your observations and evaluations of their work (most excellent qualities, skills, work ethic). Emphasize why they are qualified for the position and outstanding achievements.

Summary, Conclusion, And Closing

  • Finally, reaffirm why you're vouching for the applicant by using phrases like "highly recommended" or "I strongly believe" to highlight why this candidate is suited for that position.
  • Conclude the letter by adding your full name, job title, and signature.

Tips to TakeAways

  • Ask the individual who requested the letter of reference to share current background information on themselves and any role at hand. Doing so will make it simpler for you to know what to write.
  • Keep this letter of recommendation for the employee simple, and be honest about what you felt and experienced with your former employee.
  • If you're uncomfortable recommending a recommendation, it's better to politely deny it. Because the new HR department may call you for further information, and it's unprofessional if they find out you are uncomfortable talking about that individual on the phone.
  • The letter should be written in a professional, positive tone that concisely assesses the employee's abilities and potential.
  • While writing your letter, you may wonder, "How long should a letter of recommendation be?" we recommend that it is about one page in length.
  • Lastly, do a spell check and correct grammar before sending.

Free Editable Templates letter of recommendation for employee

If you do not have time to spend on writing a professional recommendation letter, use our editable templates to advance your work with only three simple steps:

  1. Select one of our templates to edit.
  2. Fill in your text by answering our simple questionnaire.
  3. Then review and download your letter in a professional format, ready to use.

Simple Letter Of Recommendation Template For Employee

Personalize This Letter Of Recommendation for Employee Simple Letter Of Recommendation For An Employee template to edit freely

Letter Of Recommendation From Ex- Colleague

Create A letter Of Recommendation For Ex Colleague Letter Of Recommendation From Ex- Colleague to personalize

Strong Recommendation Letter For Employee Template

Create A Strong Letter Of Recommendation for Employee customized template of strong recommendation letter for employee


In conclusion, writing a letter of recommendation for an employee requires careful consideration of the employee's skills, accomplishments, and potential. It is important to highlight specific examples of the employee's abilities and achievements, as well as provide an overall positive assessment of their performance. By giving particular and glowing praise, the letter of recommendation can serve as a powerful tool in helping the employee secure their desired position.