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A relieving letter is a formal document to verify that an employee is no longer a part of the company after resigning. The employee can obtain this letter once all the duties are completed, or he/she is qualified to leave according to the employment contract. To create this letter, you can use one of our customizable templates to personalize your letter in just a few steps.

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How to Generate a Relieving Letter?

1. Select A Template

1. Select A Template

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2. Provide the Required Information

2. Provide the Required Information

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3. Review and Get Your Letter

3. Review and Get Your Letter

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What is a relieving letter?

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A relieving letter is an official way for the employer or HR manager to inform the acceptance of the employee's resignation after verifying it. This letter helps confirm the employee's last working day with the final settlement and affirms that he or she is being released from the services of the company without any issue. Professional employers may ask for this letter to ensure the potential candidate leaves the company entirely and is ready if they gets hired without any delay.

Why is it important to get a relieving letter?

The HR department or the employer also uses this relieving letter for several specific purposes. For example, this formal letter acts as documented proof to help a company keep records of the employee's leaving. It can also help verify for the employees that they left the organization in a good term, positively and professionally. 

If you are an employee, requesting a relieving letter from your employer to acknowledge and finalize your employment before leaving is necessary. Also, the new employer would ask for proof of your time and job title in your previous company for many reasons. They may want to verify if you officially resigned from the company. Another reason could be that they want to verify whether your resume's job title is correct or not.

How to ask for a relieving letter?

Once your employer or HR department has received your 🔗resignation letter, you should ask for a relieving letter via email as soon as possible before leaving the company. 

Remember that this letter is essential for the last settlement and formally verifying that you are no longer a part of the company. So, there's nothing wrong with 🔗following up on your relieving letter, especially when you know how important it is and why you need it.

If there is a delay, do not hesitate to remind them again. It is good to ask because you will have an idea of the reason for holding them from issuing the relieving letter to you. Then, you can talk with your employer about what you need to do and work on these issues for them and give the relieving letter and, if possible, an experience letter.

Excellent Relieving Letter Templates To Edit

Feel free to use our Relieving Letter templates as references, or select one and customize the text to streamline your writing process. Just follow three simple steps to create your letter right here.

  1. Select a template.
  2. Answer our quick questions to generate your draft letter.
  3. Review and download your letter in business format and PDF.

Standard Relieving Letter Template

Create A Relieving Letter Now Relieving letter template for employer

Professional Relieving Letter From HR

Create A Relieving Letter Here professional relieving letter template for HR department

Simple Relieving Letter Sample

Click To Create Your Letter simple relieving letter sample for everyone

Experience Letter Template

Create This Experience Letter Template format of experience letter

How to A write a relieving letter?

Whether you're an employer or an employee, Learning everything you can about relieving letter layouts is essential. This letter should be written in a 🔗standard business format because it is a formal 🔗verification of an employee to the new employer. Then, this letter often contains these details as follows:

Resigning employee's information in detail

This is the most critical part of the letter since it is used to confirm details of the resigning employee. The information must be shown in this letter as follows:

  • The employee's full name and job title that the employee held till the resignation date.
  • Clarify the tenure from the start to the end of the employee's employment in the company.
  • The date of the employee's resignation.
  • You can add details about the employee's resignation and performance (if any), for example, all of the employee's responsibilities or contributions throughout his employment. 

Details about the company and the sender

As an employer with high professionalism, it is vital to attach this information about the company, too:

  • The sender's (can be the employer or HR manager) full name and job title.
  • The company's complete name, address, and contact information.

The date this relieving letter was made

Following the business letter format, the date should be written in the exact day, month, and year to avoid confusion. 

A statement of relief and thank you to the employee

The primary purpose of this letter is to acknowledge the letter of resignation and verify the employee's performance before leaving. You can confirm all the pending duties and responsibilities if the employee completes them in the letter. After that, you can officially declare that the employee has resigned and is no longer a part of your company. It is time to say thank you for everything the employee has contributed to the company. Doing so shows the new employer value between the employee and your company, a good relationship.


A relieving letter is actually a formal document, so please make sure you use polite language and always check typos in this letter before sending it.


In conclusion, the relieving letter is an official document confirming the 🔗termination of an employee's contract with the company. It is a crucial part of the employee's exit process and ensures a smooth transition for both the employee and the company. For that reason, remember to complete all your duties in order to get this letter for your following interview before leaving the company.