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Proof of residency letter is a type of legal document (also known as an affidavit of residence) used to verify an individual's residency in a particular state or area. This letter should be written or witnessed and signed by an employer, family member, roommate, or landlord (act as 3rd party) for you to verify your resident address. Let's create your letter faster and smarter with our innovative document generator with only three simple steps.

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Types of Proof of Residency Letters

There are several kinds of Proof of Residency letters, whether you or the third party is writing this letter. You can be the one to write this letter and ask for your landlord, roommate, or employer to sign as a witness. Also, you can request your employer, school, or landlord to write this letter. Here, we compile common types of proof of residency letters for various cases provided by:


When you share a home/apartment or rent on your own, your roommate or landlord can write a proof of address letter to confirm the residence. Furthermore, they will need to submit the residential contract, πŸ”—roommate contract, and other evidence documents to support this letter.


An employer proof of residency letter is a legal document to prove an individual is employed and verify their address from company documents simultaneously. This letter is typically combined with an IRS Form W-4 from the employee to enhance the authenticity. However, depending on the requestor's requirements, the employer might also need to notarize the letter.

Family member

A parent, sibling, guardian, relative, or spouse/partner can write you this residency letter as long as you reside with them. It is often requested from a school district or university for new admissions or scholarships (also known as a proof of residency letter for the school).


A school district or local government issues this letter to confirm that the students live within their jurisdiction and can attend their schools. Some states require these documents for a child to qualify for free or reduced lunch at their school, while others use them solely as an eligibility requirement for state-funded programs such as Head Start.

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Notary public

A notary proof of residency letter is a sworn document signed by a notary public to verify an individual's residency. A person can also create this letter on behalf of another individual. If any false claim is made in the proof of residency letter, that person is subjected to perjury as per state laws.

DMV (Dept of Motor Vehicles)

Verifying the applicant's residency for a driver's license is a specific requirement from the Department of Motor Vehicles. This letter is an affidavit created by a 3rd party to prove the applicant's residency on their behalf. Typically, this letter of residency affidavit needs two more πŸ”— evidence documents that contain the individual's address to support the testimony.

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When Will You Need This Letter?

Besides the reason you have to look for an affidavit of residence, there are more occasions that you may need this letter again to apply for some service in the future. Let's take a glimpse at the following reasons for requesting this letter:

For Student/SchoolFor Employee/PersonalFor Student / School
Applying to Universities or collegesApplications to government agenciesOpening a bank account
Student loans and student benefitsUnemployment insurance
Health insurance
Obtaining loans or credit cards
Younger students are enrolling in public schoolsIncome support programsMortgages and property deeds
Income taxes
Emergency aid
Food assistance

Letter Proof Of Residence Templates

In some cases, you can be the one who writes this letter on your own with supporting proof documents. If you are requested to write a proof of residency letter, you can use our customizable templates to create a formal letter in a few clicks.

  1. Select a sample letter for proof of residency here.
  2. Answer quick and easy questions to fill your information in.
  3. Review and revise the text freely before downloading this letter in a formal format.

Standard Proof of residency letter

Personalize Letter Proof Of Residence Template Proof of residency letter

proof of residency letter from landlord

Personalize Landlord Letter Proof Of Residence letter of proof of residency from landlord

Other proof of residency letter templates

We believe it will be sufficient for you to easily customize a letter to suit your needs within a few clicks. However, we also offer four (4) templates designed for different purposes with our standard proof of residency letter template. But what if we can still help you create this letter faster? Alternatively, you can select one of our personalized templates tailored for the most common use cases. Check them out πŸ”—here and choose the one that works best for you.

  • Proof of residency letter from Roommate
  • Proof of residency letter from family member
  • DMV affidavit of residence
  • Witness and Notary Acknowledgement Form

What should be included in a Proof of Residency Letter

There are many other Proof of Residency Letter forms to select for your use online. However, we make a list of the critical elements for you to note and include in a letter of residency to ensure your letter is eligible. 

  1. Your Full Name and current full address of residency.
  2. A statement confirming the address and how long you have resided there. If you are the 3rd party writing this letter for an individual, you can write a formal statement acknowledging their residency. For example," I, [your Name], hereby attest and claim the individual known as [Name of the individual]".
  3. You should provide at least two documents proving your residency. These original documents can be from banks, employers, utility bills, or telephone bills that show your address and name.
  4. Furthermore, your documents serve as evidence that should match your government-issued ID card.
  5. The letter of proof of residency must be dated and validated within the last three months. Signatures (or stamps) should be originals.

How To Prove Residency?

Here, we'll explain the residency verification process in three straightforward steps for you to follow.

1. Prepare a letter of proof of residency

This letter is an official testimony of a person declaring an individual resides at a particular address or State in the USA. Although you can create a proof of address letter on your own, it is suggested to use the legal forms to fill your info in and save time from learning how the standard legal letter is.
Besides, even if a residency letter may not be required in some cases, it is better to have it. This letter can also act as a cover letter to provide the contact information of the attester to verify any of the residency sources.

2. Attach evidence documents

To support this letter, you, as the author, should include at least two of the below evidence original documents listed as common requests. Here are examples of Proof for your reference:

  • Phone bills
  • Utility Bills (gas, water, electricity, internet/cable, etc.)
  • Bank Statement
  • Drivers License
  • πŸ”—Lease agreement, πŸ”—sublease contract.
  • Mortgage Statement, Property deed
  • Tax Return (IRS or State)
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Health Insurance Card

3. Submit It

Once you have collected the evidence documents and meet all requirements for this proof of residence letter (such as a notarized letter, the witness's signature, etc.), you can submit it to the requestor. Upon acceptance, the documents and letter of proof of residency will be returned to the resident.

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