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A minor travel consent form is a legal document from the parent or legal guardian to consent their minor to travel with an individual or organization. It is also known as also called a child travel consent form. Additionally, this consent letter is also typical when the child travels alone. This legal form usually is signed by both parents, although one (1) is sufficient. Through this article, you will find what information must include while crafting this letter not to miss any essential elements.

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How does a Minor Travel Consent Form work?

When to use

There are three typical types of consent forms when a little child is traveling:

  • Alone;
  • With an organization or group. (Ex: School, Scouts, etc.)
  • With another relative or friend;

For types of travel (2)

  • Domestic Travel: A child that travels alone by plane may be asked by the TSA. Generally, this is not demanded as children are allowed to fly alone. However, once the children get questioned at the airport, they must present identification and a consent letter. It may cause delays or prevent the child from traveling without this letter.
  • International Travel: A child who travels alone by plane, with a non-parent/guardian, or with one parent may have to show a parental consent form to leave the country and be accepted by immigration authorities. The parents are also recommended to have the consent form notarized. Doing so can prevent issues verifying the credibility and authority of the document.

What age of the child has to be to travel alone?

  • The child must be five(5) years old at least to travel without a parent(s) or guardian(s). The flight must be direct or without connections/transits.
  • Children from eight (8) years old may fly with connections/transits and be accompanied by airline personnel to their gate. All minors under eighteen (18) years old are recommended to carry a minor consent form to travel.

What information must include in a Minor Travel Consent Form?

The Heading: this legal document should start with one of a heading, such as “Child Travel Consent Form,” “Minor Travel Consent Form”, “Parental Consent Letter”, “Travel Consent Form For Minor”, etc.

The Date: also called print date, to understand that the content of this legal document is current and valid.

Information About the Parents or Legal Guardians: 

  • You will need to assign the full name of each (or both) parent or legal guardian who is giving consent for their children to travel alone without them.
  • If the minor child has consent from the parents or legal guardians to travel with an accompanying person, you must include their information. The personal information of the accompanying person will require their full name and relationship to the child. You must show the Passport number of that authorized person, the Date of issue and expiration, and issuing authority of the passport in the consent letter.

Information About the Child: 

  • For domestic travel: it is a must to add the minor child’s full name, Date, and place of birth. If it is a school trip, you may add school details also.
  • For international travel: besides the above information, you must also add their passport number, Date of issue and expiration, and issuing authority of the passport.

Travel Details: in this section, you need to mention where is the location/destination with the departure date and arrival date.

Signatures: This legal form requires the signature of the parents or legal guardians who consent for the kids to travel alone. It is for verifying their identity and the content of the document.

💡 KeyTakeways

Many countries have strict requirements regarding proof of guardianship to prevent international child abduction. We suggest checking for 🔗 official travel advisories and entry requirements before sending your children on an international trip. 

Therefore, many immigration authorities require a notarized Travel Consent Form For Minor for proof of authenticity. Nowadays, many notary publics offer online notary to validate the identity and signatures of the people named in a document, such as LawDepot.

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