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When you leave your job, whether you resigned or got fired, love or hate your work, it is still recommended to leave a good impression professionally by sending a goodbye letter to coworkers. If you are not a good writer, use our document generator and edit our templates without limitations.

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How to write a goodbye letter to coworkers

Create a Goodbye Letter To Coworkers Here farewell letter background with template of goodbye letter - templatesGo

1. Personalize Your Letter

Although you are leaving the company soon, take this opportunity to tailor your letter for each individual to share contact information. It will significantly impact every coworker who is close to you to remember who you are rather than sending out the same email to different departments. Also, doing this creates chances to keep in touch and cooperate with your ex-colleges in the future.
Besides, addressing each person's name with a personal message to reflect on your time together is also suggested. It will be more meaningful than sending the same message to anyone.

2. Express gratitude

Consider using this letter as your big last impression to say "🔗 thank you" for any help, support, and mentoring time provided. Saying goodbye may be a small gesture, but it can significantly impact and value your professional attitude at work from your partners. Likewise, let your colleagues know how much you enjoyed working with them during your job, especially the one who is close to you.

3. Keep your goodbye letter to coworkers in a positive tone

The primary purpose of this letter is to stay connected with your ex-colleagues professionally. Even if you get fired or leave on bad terms, you don't need to mention it to the people you worked with in your farewell letter to make things complicated. It's crucial to prevent any problems affecting your career later, for example, a bad impression or bad review for you.

4. Attach Your Personal Contact Information

Usually, most companies will not allow you to access your work email systems after your last day at work. For that reason, remember to let your ex-coworkers and partners know your phone number and email address to reach you once you leave if you want to keep in touch with them. It is also a great idea to add your LinkedIn profile address so they can find you more accessible and create a strong network.

Important Note 

Do not over writing your letter, Keep it short and to the point. Commonly, three main paragraphs are standard, and no more than one page is recommended.

Free Examples Goodbye letter to coworkers

Check out each of our five free samples to find the most suitable template for your need for specific recipients. You can also use our document generator to create your letter faster with only three (3) simple steps:

  1. Select one of our Goodbye Letter To Coworkers templates.
  2. Fill in your information by answering our quick questions.
  3. Review and revise the text freely to meet your requirements before downloading it.

Farewell letter to coworkers who you're Close To

Create a Friendly Goodbye Letter To Coworkers Farewell Letter to close Coworkers

Sample a Goodbye letter to your Boss

Create a Goodbye Letter To Your Boss Farewell letter to your manager example from templatesGo

Template a farewell letter to clients

Create a Farewell Letter To Your Clients sample goodbye letter to clients - templatesGo

Letter of Goodbye to Your Employees

Create a Farewell Letter To Your Employees goodbye letter to your employees

A Simple Goodbye letter to coworkers

Create a Generic Goodbye Letter To Coworkers a simple letter of goodbye to coworkers - templatesGo

Tips for sending a goodbye letter to coworkers

Here are some key takeaways to help you send this letter correctly and make a good impression:

1. Be sure your supervisor knows first

Even though your colleagues are the ones who are close to you at work, it is still an excellent manner to inform your managers that you are moving on. Ensure that all managers you worked with are aware that you have resigned and received this goodbye letter before your colleagues. They may feel offended to know your last day through someone else before receiving this letter.

2. Make sure to complete your work transition

Somehow, the transition or training of a new employee to replace you may take longer, so do not send this letter before you complete your work tasks. Stay focused and keep work done professionally, even in your last moment at work.

3. Send it Before Your last day

Once your last duty is done, send this letter by email a day or two before you leave. This will let you truly spend your time saying goodbye to everyone in person during the final day or hours.


Although saying goodbye is hard, sending a letter will be easier to help you express your feelings and gratitude to your coworkers. Doing so will create a chance to keep in touch and leave a good impression after leaving. We hope our article is helpful for you, and follow us for new weekly updated templates!

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