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Your lease agreement expires soon, and you do not wish to extend the lease contract for some reason. Then, it is about time to write a Lease Non Renewal Letter to notify whether you are the landlord or the tenant. In our article, you will find our editable templates to customize your letter in just three simple steps within a minute.

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How to Create a Letter for Not Renewing Lease

1. Choose Your Template

1. Choose Your Template

Start by clicking on "Explore Our Letter Templates" to select the template that suits your needs

2. Answer the questions

2. Answer the questions

Answer a few questions to automatically generate a draft letter.

3. Review and Download Your Letter

3. Review and Download Your Letter

After reviewing, your document is ready for download and immediate use..

What is a Not Renewing Lease Letter?

A Lease Non-Renewal letter is a formal notice which can be used to inform the lessor or the lessee that the lease shall not be renewed. These documents give the tenants and the owner the right to prove that they have separated from a property. This letter serves as an official document in agreement with the terms outlined in the lease agreement, and the standard time limit to issue this notice is within 30, 45, or 60 days from the lease end date.

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Not Renewing Lease Letter To Landlord Template

What Are Common Reasons For Not Renewing the Lease?

From the lessor if:

  • The lessor plans to馃敆increase the rent and the tenant disagrees with the terms.
  • The lessor sells the property, and the new owner does not want to keep the tenant.
  • The lessor wants to reconstruct the property or make renovations.
  • The tenant has been 馃敆tardy with the rent recurrently or usually breaches the terms of the contract to the point where the landlord has no choice but to not renew the lease term or issue a 馃敆notice for eviction.

From the leaseholder if:

  • They relocate to another city or find a property which is more suitable to their needs such as being closer to their workplace, cheaper rentals or being in close proximity to their children's schools etc.
  • The lessee seeks a change of atmosphere or desires to live in a different geographic location.聽
  • The condition of the current property is depleting and no longer meets the needs of the tenant.
  • They have a dispute with either their landlord or a neighbor.

How to go ahead with the Lease Non Renewal Letter process (Step-by-Step Guide)

After you have made the decision not to renew the lease, here are the basic steps you should follow to officially end the lease before or after the lease term has expired.

1. Review the original lease agreement

Make sure that you have a copy of the lease agreement and carefully read it paying more attention to the fine print within the lease document. There are certain conditions which are stipulated within the lease as per the landlord or agency from whom you are renting the property from. Some of these conditions may include, paying a certain amount to be granted permission to break the lease contract, being made liable for an early lease disconnection fee, possibly losing your security deposit or you may be required to find a new tenant to take over the remainder of your lease term.

2. Draft the聽Non Renewal Lease Letter

Although, it is imperative that a tenant or landlord mentions the exact reasons why a lease contract will not be renewed before the lease term expires. It is not compulsory for the landlord or tenant to say the precise reasons for not renewing the lease if the lease term expires unless they feel personally compelled to do so. If the reasons are mentioned in the letter, the party writing the letter (either the lessor or lessee) must avoid using any language which is considered to be offensive to avoid any legal retaliation.

Once the letter has been drafted, the letter can be emailed or printed as per your preference. You can use one of our letter templates to help you create a professional letter in just a minute.

3. Schedule an appointment for an inspection

Before you evacuate the property, you need to have read the terms of the lease contract very carefully and made sure that you have left premises in good condition. Furthermore, you must ensure that any furniture and appliances are in good working condition and without any damage. The landlord and tenant must agree on an inspection date and schedule a walk-through inspection of the premises. A 馃敆 move-out checklist should be used during the inspection to note down any damages and must be signed by both parties after the inspection.聽

Moreover, if the lease non renewal letter is being issued by the landlord to the tenant, the letter must make mention of any fees which are to be refunded to the tenant.

4. Return the security deposit

After the inspection, both parties should agree on an estimate for the cost of the damage found and the landlord is liable to return the rest of the security deposit. If there was no damage found, the landlord must agree to return the entire security deposit to the tenant. The landlord might also return the security deposit according to the conditions relating to ending the lease, which were previously agreed upon by both parties when the original lease was signed.

The tenant must supply a valid address (within the state鈥檚 laws), which the landlord will use to send the deposit or the remainder of the deposit. If the landlord does not return the security deposit, they could be subject to fines and penalties if the tenant opens a legal case.

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Not renewing lease letter Templates

If you do not want to create a letter from scratch or copy and paste the text, then our editable templates are your best options. You can create your letter quickly within three simple steps:

  1. Select one of our not renewing lease letter templates.
  2. Input your information by answering our questions.
  3. Review and edit the text if necessary, and download your letter in PDF.

not renewing lease letter to tenant

Create A Letter For Not Renewing Lease To Tenant Non renewal lease letter from landlord

not renewing lease letter to landlord

Create Your Letter Here Not renewing lease letter from tenant

Key Takeaways

  • Regardless of the state of the relationship between the leaseholder and the lessor the language in this Not Renewing Lease Letter must remain professional, polite, and straightforward. This ensures that the transition of the separation stays civilized, and any legal troubles are prevented from occurring.聽
  • Ensure your contact information and bank account details are updated and correct in order for you to receive your deposit back promptly and without any issues.
  • In the scenario that the lease contract will not be renewed before the lease duration expires, the renter or lessor should make sure that an Early Lease Non-Renewal letter is written.聽
  • As per the terms and conditions within the lease agreement, the landlord might have to return the security deposit including all interests incurred during the lease term as stated by the law of the applicable state.聽
  • Should there be a violation of the lease contract鈥檚 T&Cs from any of the two involved parties, all issues need to be included when writing the Not Renewing Lease Letter.聽
  • The landlord needs to specify all deductions which will be acquired from the security deposit should there be any damages to the property by the lessee and the rest shall be returned to the lessee.


In summary, a Not Renewing Lease Letter will help the lessor and lessee prepare upfront for separation. Landlords who receive this notice can start preparing the property and go ahead to look for a new tenant. On the contrary, renters who receive a lease non-renewal notice will be given a certain period to search for their new home. Thus, we hope this article and our Not Renewing Lease Letter templates are helpful for your research and preparation. Thanks for reading!

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