Not Renewing Lease Letter With An Example

Your lease agreement expires soon, and you do not wish to extend the lease contract for some reason. Then, it is about time to write a not renewing lease letter to notify whether you are the landlord or the tenant. This letter must be sent at the end of the lease duration with instructions on where to return the security deposit. Both parties have the right to end the contract for any reason except discrimination or revenge.

In our article, you will find our professional not renewing lease letter editable templates to customize your letter in just a minute and 3 simple steps. Check it out!

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Not Renewing Lease Letter To Landlord Template

What is a Lease Non Renewal Letter?

A letter of not renewing lease is a formal document, and it can also be a notice to inform the lessor or the lessee that they will not renew their agreement. The standard time to give this notice is within 30, 45, or 60 days of the lease expiration date.

What are common reasons to terminate the lease?

From the lessor if:

  • They plan to increase the rent.
  • They sell their property, and the new owner does not want to rent it.
  • Renovate the interior of their property or reconstruct it.
  • The tenant pays the rent late repetitively or frequently violates the contract term.

From the leaseholder if:

  • They move to another city or find a better place to live.
  • They want a new location to change the environment.
  • The condition of the current property is getting poor.
  • They are not happy with either their landlord or neighbor.

How to write (Step – By – Step) and Free Sample

  1. Add the current date and address
  2. Indicate that the current lease for the property will not be renewed by either the landlord or the renter from the beginning of the not renewing lease letter. 
  3. Demonstrate the rental unit location and the termination date.
  4. Indicate that the property must be in the same condition as when the tenant moved into it. 
  5. Specify that a move-out inspection of the property should be performed and indicate its date
  6. Provide or request the tenant’s forwarding address for notices and any security deposit. 

๐Ÿ’ก Key Takeaways

  • Even though you don’t have a good relationship with your leaseholder or lessor, it is essential to be polite and straightforward in this not renewing lease letter. It helps the separation go smoothly and prevents any legal trouble occurs.
  • Add the Unit location address, including number, street name, city, state, and zip code.
  • Ensure your contact information or bank account details are correct to receive your deposit back without any problem.
  • If you are breaking your lease early, either the landlord or the renter, you should give a reason in the letter and be prepared to lose the deposit or any additional penalties. In this case, you may wish you use the Early lease termination letter.
  • In cases one party violated the terms and conditions, you should indicate all unsatisfactory conditions in your letter. Make a list of deductions and the total amount that should be deducted from the security deposit.
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Procedure To Examine The Lease Termination

1. Review the original lease agreement

Check the term in the contract and ensure the condition of appliances and furniture provided by the lessor are still good without damage. Additionally, the letter should state any refundable fees to pay back to the tenant.

2. Draft the Not Renewing Lease letter 

The landlord or tenant is not obligated to write particular reasons for not renewing when the contract expires unless they feel the need. If the landlord does state the grounds in the letter, they must avoid discrimination or retaliation if they don’t want to end up in legal trouble.

Once the draft is done, the letter can be sent by email or printed. 

3. Schedule an appointment for an inspection

Before the move-out date, the landlord and tenant must schedule an appointment for a walk-through inspection of the property. We recommend using the ๐Ÿ”— move-out checklist to write down any noticed damage as proof and countersign it by both parties.

4. Return the security deposit

Since both parties agree upon an estimate for the damage found, the landlord will send the remaining security deposit to the tenant’s provided address within the state return limit. Otherwise, they can be subject to penalties and fines.

Not Renewing Lease Letter Templates

Non-Renewal Lease Letter To Tenant From Landlord

Create Your Letter To Tenant Non renewal lease letter from landlord

Non-Renewal Lease Letter To Landlord From Tenant

Create Your Letter Here Not renewing lease letter from tenant

Protection Your Rights

In summary, a not renewing lease letter will help the lessor and lessee prepare upfront for separation. Landlords who receive this notice can start preparing the property and looking for new tenants. On the contrary, renters who receive non-renewal lease notices will have time to look for their next home.

Thus, we hope this article and our not renewing lease letter templates is helpful for your research and preparation. Thanks for reading!

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