5 Keys You Need To Know About Eviction Letter

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What is the purpose of an Eviction letter?

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An eviction letter, also known as a Notice to Quit, is a legal document sent by the landlord to inform the tenant about the lease violation and allows a specific amount of days to either cure the breach or vacate the property according to state law.

Bylaws, a landlord can not evict the tenant by itself without written notice. For that reason, the purpose of this letter is to begin the eviction lawsuit and give the tenant a written statement as specified in the state and local termination law.Β 

You do not need to file for eviction at your county court immediately. Therefore, Solving the problem amicably with a calm approach is always recommended. You can send a πŸ”— late rent notice or Notice of Lease Violation to warn the tenant before sending this letter. By doing it, the landlords allow the tenant to cure the breach within the assigned time frame.

When Do You Need an Eviction Letter?

Many factors led the landlord to send this letter with the intent to evict the tenant from the premises as soon as possible. Here we will highlight some common reasons to evict a tenant with cause, including:

  • Non-payment of rent.
  • Failed to pay rent on time on multiple occasions.
  • They violated the rental or Lease Agreement.
  • Caused severe damage on the property (or it is damaging)
  • Causing a problem, making illegal operations, or breaking the law.
  • Not moving out after the expiration of a Lease Agreement (holdover tenant).

πŸ’‘ Note 

On the other side, An Eviction notice without cause is performed in cases when the tenant hasn't disregarded the lease or done anything wrong to be evicted by law. Typically, it is often used when the πŸ”—month-to-month lease has ended. Depending on the state's law, the landlord can send this notice up to specific days in advance.

What Things Should The Landlord take into account?

Prepare necessary paperwork

When your issue comes to a legal matter, it is wise to prepare all the documentation to prove the case. At the fundamental level, they will need the following documents:

  1. The original πŸ”—lease agreement.
  2. All records of the payments, no matter of kind.
  3. Bounced checks from the renter (if any).
  4. All communication records, including emails, text char, or phone calls between the landlord and the tenant.
  5. A copy of the late rent notice or notice of lease violation that was sent to the tenant.
  6. Proof of service when they received the eviction letter, which is the receipt from USPS.

Things to keep in mind nOT to Do

The fact is that It is frustrating and stress down when facing a problematic tenant. However, the landlord should not vacate that tenant from the premises without going through the necessary legal steps administrated by the court.

The below actions are considered illegal to make from the landlord, so please do NOT:

  • Change the locks without a court order.
  • Turn off the lights, water, or gas.
  • Enter the property without legal notice.
  • Lock the tenant outside the premises.
  • Remove the tenants' belongings.
  • Physically intimidate or harass the tenant to leave.
  • Sending a threat by phone calls, text messages, or notes.

πŸ’‘ Important

 Remember that only the courts have the authority and power to decide whether an eviction can legally happen.

What information should you include in the eviction letter to the tenant?

This legal letter to evict your tenant means that it should consist of why you took this action by providing reasons, evidence to prove, etc., in a formal format. Therefore, you must also follow the state or local statutes about the issue. An eviction notice letter must include these essential details to illustrate the intent of this letter:

  • Address of the premises
  • Date
  • Tenant names 
  • The lease agreement's status, date of the beginning, and expiration.
  • The cause( explain the valid reason clearly and concisely)
  • Notice period or Date tenant must move out of the property

Use our eviction notice template below if you need additional help writing an eviction letter.


Once the letter is ready, the landlord should send it in many ways, such as delivery in person, courier services, or Certificated Email from USPS. Ultimately, getting the Return Receipt or the receiver's signature is crucial to accomplish the receiving as proof.

eviction letter Samples

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Eviction Letter Template To personalize your own reason(s)

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Notice To Quit For Non-Payment

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Sample Format Of Eviction Letter

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What should the landlord do when the tenants fail to comply with the eviction notices?

You allowed your tenants to cure the violation within the given time frame, but they still failed to fix the breach. Now you can file for the eviction against the tenant at your local county courthouse by providing the necessary paperwork and information we mentioned above. After you file, the court will issue a summons for the tenant to attend court on a specified date.

To learn more about how to evict a tenant, we recommend you look atπŸ”— Steps in the Eviction Process: How Does Eviction Work from avail.com. On this trustworthy website, you can find the answer to approximately how much it costs to evict a tenant and how long the eviction process takes.