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Have you ever had an employee who is out of line, if Yes, then our Letter of Reprimand Template is exactly what you need. Tips have been added in order to make it even easier for you to know what you can include in your Reprimand Letter. Nevertheless, you can easily create this letter using one of our professional templates and editable document tools, taking just a minute and three simple steps.

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How to Create a Reprimand Letter?

1. Pick A Template

1. Pick A Template

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2. Provide the Necessary Details

2. Provide the Necessary Details

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3. Review and Retrieve Your Letter

3. Review and Retrieve Your Letter

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What is a letter of reprimand?

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A letter of reprimand is a letter issued as a notice to an employee by a supervisor or manager when they are displeased with an employee’s conduct. The letter is also issued when an employee has been performing poorly. The main use of the letter is for disciplining the employee for misdemeanors or a lack of productivity resulting in an underperformance from the employee. The structure of the letter is formal and addresses the detailed concerns, and the disciplinary procedures, and if there are any consequences that will arise. It also provides further context on what is expected from the employee to avoid further and future disciplinary action.

What should an employer do if employees fail to improve?

After the employee has gone through a disciplinary procedure, you as the employer have an obligation to support the employee and provide additional resources such as coaching or training. However, if the employee shows no signs of change and the formerly addressed misdemeanors or under performance continues, you can take further disciplinary action.

It is up to you to decide if you want to suspend the employer or terminate the employment depending on information in the employee’s records. You must just ensure that you have followed the company’s policies and procedures relating to the disciplinary procedure. Furthermore, the employer must always 🔗record the employee’s productivity, and disciplinary action should only be an option if the employee’s record needs to be addressed.

Editable Reprimand Letter Templates

Our professional templates have been created so that our clients can quickly create a reprimand letter and generate a document within minutes using three remarkably simple steps:

  1. Choose one of our Letter of Reprimand Templates below.
  2. Fill in all required details using our simple questionnaire.
  3. Review or edit the text before and after downloading the document using a suitable format.

Practical Letter Of Reprimand Template

You can use this template to address a variety of issues as this is a general letter addressing common employee misdemeanors. The types of misbehaviors might include:

  • Tardiness, which we all hate as it reduces productivity.
  • Poor communication - A poor communicator who does not communicate promptly, or even not at all.
  • Poor concentration paying attention to details and constantly submitting work that is full of errors.

The best part is that you only need to fill in your personal details in the  Template such as your name, the name of your employee, and your company’s name.

Edit Letter Of Reprimand Template Simple Employee letter of reprimand template to edit

Response Letter Of Reprimand For Employees

If you are an employee who has received a Reprimand letter, this Template has been specially created for you to make an argument for your case. When you respond to the letter, we strive to make sure that you accept all your negative actions and respond with an appropriate explanation or recommend a plan of action to address the issue. Also, tender an 🔗apology for any wrongdoings that you are guilty of and dedicate yourself to self-improvement for future purposes

Edit Your Response For Letter Of Reprimand Respond Letter of reprimand from employee template

How to write a letter of reprimand?

Again, this formal letter is a written disciplinary document meant to address an employee's inappropriate behavior or performance which requires proper knowledge and experience to write it. You can either edit our template to create yours or use them for your reference and follow our guide to craft this letter:

1. Begin by stating the purpose of the letter

The format of the letter must be formal. Make sure you outline the purpose of the letter in the first paragraph. Here is an example of how you can begin the first sentence: “I am writing to address your recent unprofessional behavior at work, which has been unacceptable and in violation of our company policies.” Then outline all your grievances in the body of the letter.

2. Specific details of the misbehavior

Now, you need to provide the particular details of the misbehavior that you are talking about in the letter. Always make your point and do not generalize or make vague points. For example, you might say: "On Thursday, April 12, but you were seen and heard verbally abusing a customer, in front of other customers. This is detrimental to the reputation of our business and violates our code of conduct.” The reasons vary based on what your employee did, but this example gives a general outline of how you can begin to address the employee.

3. Explain the consequences In a Letter of Reprimand

Some employees are stubborn and do not easily adjust to authority. That is why you need to draw attention to the consequences that follow if the employee continues misbehaving. The types of consequences might include:

  • Demotion
  • Termination of employment
  • Suspension
  • A negative effect on the person’s career and professional reputation.
  • Warnings

4. Offer support and guidance

We can all agree that first time offenders deserve a second chance. If the employee is committing the offense for the first time, you as the employer can offer your support to assist the employee to mend their unruly behavior and improve for the best. The support or action you can take might be offering the employee additional training, therapeutic counseling, improving communication between you and the employee, mentoring, listening to the employees concerns and complaints, and celebrating their achievements, etc.

5. Closing the letter of reprimand

When closing the letter, you must make sure that you emphasize the gravity of the problem at hand. This is to ensure that the recipient of the letter understands that there could be grave consequences involved after the disciplinary action has been taken. To make sure that you make your point to the employee you can write something like: "I take this matter very seriously, and I expect you to do the same. Please let me know what steps you will be taking to address this situation and prevent it from happening again."

What are the reasons for writing a letter of reprimand?

Here are some common situations that may warrant a reprimand letter:

Consistent lateness

The tardy employee can be quite frustrating. These employees reduce productivity and can affect the workflow of their fellow team members. If the employee is prone to arriving late for team meetings and general meetings, it will be in your best interest to issue a formal notice warning the employee to stop arriving late.

Excessive absenteeism

Too much time without a proper 🔗 leave of absence off work can have a negative impact on the performance of the employee such as missing deadlines on tasks, missing important company meetings, producing inadequate work due, getting other employees to cover for the absent employee, etc. These reasons negatively impact the employees’ team or work department. A reprimand letter becomes necessary in this case to stop the unruly behavior and prevent a repetition of the issue in the future.

Inappropriate conduct

The way an individual employee conducts themselves in the workplace has either a negative or positive effect on the entire atmosphere and culture of the workplace. Unruly behavior such as decimation, inappropriate verbal remarks, sexual harassment, or just being generally unprofessional are examples of situations that negatively affect the atmosphere and the climate of the workforce. If such behavior is spotted it may be appropriate to issue a Reprimand Letter to the guilty employee. To remind the employee of the company’s expectations and standard.

Misuse of company equipment

Have you ever seen those movies where an employee scans and prints a sensitive body part on the photocopier machine, this can be described as a situation of gross misuse of company equipment. Formal examples of employees misusing company equipment can include using the equipment for personal profit, not adhering to safety protocols, and playing video games or browsing on social networks using the company’s equipment such as computers. It might become necessary to issue a written notice warning the offending employees and making sure that the equipment is used for its appropriate purpose.

Failure to follow protocols

Every company has certain rules and godliness that all employees need to adhere to regardless of the position which they hold in the organization. These rules can include the company dress code standards, safety protocols that need to be followed during an emergency for example when there is a fire, health protocols to prevent illnesses from spreading in the workspace for example if an employee has tested positive for Covid, attendance and task completion policies, etc. If these rules and guidelines are not properly followed by each employee, then it could negatively disrupt the workflow of the organization. Therefore, a reprimand letter can draw the attention of the guilty employees to the importance of obeying and practicing these standards.

Skipping company meetings

Not attending company meetings is considered unprofessional because this is where valuable information is shared to employees. If an employee always fails to show up for important meetings, they can end up becoming rebellious towards authority. They will also have no clue on what is going on and might also quarrel with their fellow team members when they try to advise that particular employee on what to do. In that case, a reprimand letter can address the issue to warn that individual and guide future attendance.


If there is ever a case whereby you have issued several letters of reprimand to an employee, then you might want to consider notarization which can be further understood in the link provided 🔗here.


In conclusion, it is particularly important for the organization to ensure that the management of every department is professionally trained on how to write a Letter of Reprimand and the reasons why it should be written. If an employee has been issued a reprimand letter, it is important to note that the issuer of the letter shall under no circumstance inform other employees of the organization unless they are directly involved. Overall, a great letter of reprimand should be clear, concise, and specific. Importantly, it should provide the individual with the warning information and support they need to improve their behavior in order to avoid similar issues in the future.