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A letter to the landlord for repairs is a formal document to inform that things are broken or your rental property is in bad condition and needs repairs or maintenance. As a tenant, you have certain rights to ensure your home is safe, habitable, and maintained properly. However, houses break down over time and wear out from regular use or neglect. Then, tenants must notify their landlords of any issues to solve promptly. Let's create a formal letter with our document creator!

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What are common reasons for writing this letter?

As mentioned above, the owner is legally required to be legally responsible for providing access to electricity, heat, and clean water and keeping the premises secure and safe as a basic need. If they fail to comply with these common living standards, it is time to fill out a maintenance request. 

Other cases when you may write a letter to the landlord for repairs when you can not fix it on your own or would require a professional to repair it include:

  • A leaky pipe
  • A broken lock in the main entrance
  • A broken appliance
  • A broken faucet
  • A broken sliding door
  • A clogged toilet


Not all issues require a maintenance request, and tenants can take care of some ðŸ”—minor problems that do not need a maintenance specialist to fix them. For example, burned-out light bulbs, clogged drains or putting a new battery in the smoke detector. 

Why should you write a Letter To Landlord For Repairs?

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Landlords are required 🔗 by law to maintain rental properties to meet basic home standards. Thus, you must communicate with your landlord and avoid rental property deterioration as a tenant. Especially when your rental unit's condition worsens or has normal tear and wear that needs repairs. You can call or leave a message, but remember that the information may slip away from them. To formally request it, tenants must send a letter to the landlord for repairs. Because through the letter, you can briefly describe the problem with evidence (photos, videos) organized in email. Therefore, It can ensure that your landlord is well-informed in detail to take action. If the landlord does not take prompt action and the damage worsens, you will have proof that you did your part to notify the landlord of the issue on time. 

request letter for repair and maintenance templates

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Standard letter to landlord for Repairs request

Create A Repair Request To Landlord Letter to Landlord for repairs Solution

demand letter to the landlord for repairs

Create Your Demand Letter To Landlord For Repairs Simple sample request letter for maintenance

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With our standard letter to landlord for repairs template, customizing a letter to suit your needs is easy within a few clicks. Additionally, we offer other templates designed for various purposes. Alternatively, choose one of our personalized templates tailored for the most common use cases. Click🔗here to start selecting the one that best fits your requirements.

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how do I write a letter to the landlord for repairs

If you wish to learn from scratch how to write a good letter, here is a brief guideline with five (5) keypoints you write an effective letter to your landlord:

1. Address the person who receives such requests

Review your lease to obtain the name, address, phone number, and email of the person who receives such requests. For example, "Property Manager" or "Building Manager".

2. Use a formal letter format to write

After obtaining contact information from your 🔗 lease agreement, write down their contact information from the beginning of the letter. Following is a salutation to the receiver and a proper introduction of yourself. Nevertheless, landlords or property managers tend to have more than one tenant. So, make sure you mention your rental unit's address in the letter to the landlord for repairs to know where the problem is.

3. Provide a brief description of what repair is needed and where it is located on the property

It's time to ask for necessary repairs at your rental property. You need to specify what needs to be repaired in the property and include a brief description of the problem. This step is vital to help your landlord be fully informed and come up with a solution faster.

For example:

"The entrance lock needs to be replaced due to not closing properly." or "The electricity cable in the living room has burnt out that needs repair." If possible, include a photo of the problem.

4. Provide an action date

Depending on how the damage affects your living activities, requesting a deadline that you would like the repairs to be completed in the letter is recommended. You can also give the landlord a date to respond to you and speed up resolving the matter.

5. Mention the landlord's responsibility

The lease contract usually mentions who is responsible for property repairs. If it is your landlord's responsibility, you can also state it in the letter request for repair.


In conclusion, we hope our information has helped you better understand how to write a professional letter to a landlord for repair work. It's essential to include all relevant information in your letter so that the recipient understands precisely what you need from them.

Before sending off any letters, take some time to ensure everything is written concisely and accurately. Remember that they should be grammatically correct and free of spelling mistakes!