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Looking to embark on a construction project? Wondering how to ensure a smooth journey for both parties involved? Look no further! With our free construction contract template, you can create an effective deal that meets the agreement on both sides. In this complete guide, we will explore their types, the essential elements that compose them, and how to use our document generator to create your contract effectively.

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What is a Construction Contract?

A construction contract is the cornerstone of any successful building project, laying the foundation for a collaborative and transparent relationship between the client and the contractor. In essence, it's a legally binding document that outlines the terms, conditions, and specifics of the construction work to be undertaken.

Types of Construction Contracts

The type of contract you pick relies on things like how complicated your project is, your budget, how much time you have, and the connections between the people working on it.

Now, let's check out a few of the main kinds of construction contracts:

Fixed-Price, or Lump-Sum, Contracts

One of the most commonly used construction contract types is fixed-price or lump-sum contracts. In this arrangement, the total cost of the project is set in stone right from the start. This upfront clarity not only provides a stable financial footing but also obligates the contractor to complete the project within the agreed budget. It's like setting the course before sailing, ensuring everyone is on the same navigational map from the get-go. Our free construction contract template is based on this type of contract.

Cost-Plus Contracts

Moving on to another notable type of construction contract - the cost-plus contract. Unlike the fixed-price contract, a cost-plus agreement offers a bit more flexibility. In this scenario, the client reimburses the contractor's actual costs plus an agreed-upon fee. It's like having an open tab at a restaurant – you pay for what you consume and a little extra for the service. While it demands a high level of trust between the parties, it allows for adjustments as the project unfolds, accommodating changes and unexpected turns along the construction journey.

Time and Material Contracts

Unlike the structured nature of fixed-price contracts or the adaptable approach of cost-plus contracts, time and material contracts offer a dynamic and fluid arrangement. In this scenario, the project's course is charted based on the actual time invested and materials consumed. Think of it as a journey where the path isn't predetermined but unfolds as the work progresses. While meticulous record-keeping is essential, this type of contract accommodates changes and unexpected developments, providing a responsive framework for projects that may evolve in unforeseen ways.

Unit-Pricing Contracts

Now, let's turn our attention to unit-pricing contracts, where precision in pricing takes the spotlight. In this type of construction agreement, the cost is determined per unit of work, bringing a level of clarity to complex projects. Unit-pricing contracts offer a strategic approach, allowing for a more detailed and itemized breakdown of costs, fostering transparency and informed decision-making throughout the construction process.

Free Construction Contract Templates

Here, we will provide you with our two editable templates that can help you create a simple or standard contract effectively.

Standard Construction Contract Template

Personalize This Construction agreement template free construction contract template to customize with ease.

Simple Construction Contract Template Free (One page)

Personalize This Construction agreement one page Simple construction agreement template to edit

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how to make construction contract?

As you know, creating a comprehensive construction contract is vital for a smooth project. Therefore, our free construction contract template contains the following essential elements:

Basic Information

Include both parties' legal names and addresses, the project location, and the address where the construction is located.

Scope of Work

Clearly define the construction project by providing a title (if applicable) and a concise work description.

The title and project description example is "Title: Modern Urban Oasis. Description: Construct a contemporary two-story residence with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a spacious living area. The design emphasizes energy efficiency, sustainable materials, and sleek architectural elements."

Work description sample, "Site Preparation: Clear and grade the construction site, ensuring proper drainage and foundation stability. Foundation Construction: Pour a reinforced concrete foundation based on approved architectural plans."


Project a realistic timeline for completion, specifying milestones and deadlines. 

For instance, "Week 1-2: Pre-Construction Phase - Conduct site assessment and soil testing. Obtain required construction permits and approvals from local authorities."

Cost Breakdown

Clearly present a detailed cost breakdown, including estimates and a payment schedule. This ensures transparency and prevents financial disputes. For example, "Site Preparation: $10,000 for clearing and grading of the construction site. Structural Framing: $30,000, including Lumber, beams, columns, and labor for Framing."

Permits & Insurance

Ensure the contractor meets all the necessary licenses, permits, and insurance requirements. Check your state regulations to identify the licenses you need and ensure you've got them. It's crucial to have liability and worker's compensation insurance, and it's a good idea to consult a reliable insurance company to explore any additional coverage you might need.

Essential Clauses to Include in a Construction Contract

Stop-Work Clause and Stop-Payment Clause: Define under what circumstances work may be halted, or payments stopped, protecting both parties in unforeseen situations.

Act of God Clause: Address force majeure events with an Act of God clause, providing a clear plan of action when unexpected, uncontrollable events occur.

Change Order Agreement: Provide a thorough explanation of how changes to the original construction agreement will be managed. Outline the specific procedures for handling change orders and clarify the impact on the overall project if any changes are introduced.

Warranty: Specify the warranty period for the completed work, providing assurance to the client and clarifying the contractor's responsibility for potential issues.

No Liens by Subcontractors: Ensure subcontractors don't place any liens. This safeguards homeowners from potential 🔗mechanic's liens from subcontractors, according to LegalZoom mentioned. The main contractor must specify in their contracts with subcontractors the consequences if subcontractors don't meet their obligations under the main contract.

Amount of Damages and Limitation of Liability: Determine damages and set limits on liability for both parties in case of delays or unexpected issues.

Disposal of Materials and Condition upon Completion: Contractors commit to removing excess and hazardous materials, leaving the property in a thoroughly cleaned state, often referred to as "broom clean."

Q&A Regarding Free Construction Contract Template

Q: Why is a construction contract essential?

A: A construction contract serves as a roadmap for the entire project, providing clarity on expectations, responsibilities, and timelines. It protects both the client and the contractor, minimizing potential disputes.

Q: Can I customize your free Construction Contract Template?

A: Absolutely! The templates at templatesgo are designed to be customizable to suit the specific needs of your project. Feel free to adapt it to your unique requirements while ensuring that all essential elements are retained.

Q: Do I need to use other software to edit this free construction contract template?

A: No, you do not need to. Our document generation tool allows you to edit this customizable template freely. Once you answer our questionnaire, the draft contract will be generated for your review. You can edit not only your answer but also our text template to suit your expectations.


Overall, a well-crafted construction contract is the cornerstone of a successful project. Utilizing our free Construction Contract Template and following our guide on how to make a construction contract can pave the way for a smooth and collaborative construction journey.