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1. What is the Employer's name?
2. What is the Employee's name?
3. What is the Job title you are hiring for?
4. In this position and duties section, please list of job duties and responsibilities.
5. In this pay and compensation section, please write salary details, including frequency of pay and any bonuses.
6. What benefits and perks will the Employee receive according to the company's policy? Please list them out.
7. What will be the Employee's lunch time break?
8. What is the end date of the Employment contract?
9. What vacation time is the Employee entitled to after the probationary period?
10. What is the notice period required to terminate this contract?
11. How long is the Employee prohibited from soliciting the Employer's business, clients, or customers after the termination of this Agreement? (enter number of month/year)
12. What laws will govern this Agreement?
13. What is today's date?